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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Apr 20, 2020

Intuitive Book Coach Kim O’Hara’s high-profile clients trust her coaching when writing their books due to not just her two decades in Hollywood producing and writing movies, but the navigation of her own personal trauma journey. She guides them as influencers to share their epic journeys.


Her clients include the Creator of Good Morning America, the founder of The Brow Gal, and other successful influencers who speak of their unique experiences in careers ranging from public health to global money exchange. Kim hosts a monthly online workshop Activate Your Story, encouraging anyone with a story inside to take that first toe-dip into writing about their lives, their ups and downs of life, and the path to success. Kim is a nationwide main stage speaker as well as a guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts. She engages audiences with her depth and wit. She also is the creator of the Influential Women with A Story Inside Interview Series, talking with women who have been the firsts in their fields.


She will Keynote the Young Eager Writers’ Conference in Charlotte, NC in 2020. She is the published author of the memoir, Kicking Abuse in the Ass.


In this episode, Jana and Kim discuss:

  • The difference it makes having someone to coach you through getting your story written.
  • How do you edit down to get to the best parts of the story?
  • How the best stories come from incredible experiences and a willingness to share some of the darker places in our lives.
  • Tapping into your intuitive and empathic powers to find your story.



Key Takeaways:

  • If you really want to be in your zone of genius, find somebody who shares that zone of genius to help you.
  • The difference between an okay book and a fabulous book is how much a part of the story the reader feels. 
  • Sometimes writing is just about getting something out, and letting it go, and not necessarily about the end product. 
  • Open yourself to your own intuition about the story you want to write.


"I tell people, just relax, deepen into your thoughts. Remind yourself, you're writing the book about exactly what you want to write the book about...and opportunities start to come for them. Things that they didn't expect, because those were blocks that they were holding on to when they were holding on to their story. So the minute they open up the story, those blocks start to go away.” —  Kim O’Hara


Free online webinar: Activate Your Story


Connect with Kim O’Hara:  
Twitter: @astoryinside
Instagram: @astoryinside
YouTube: A Story Inside YouTube Channel
Book: Kicking Abuse In The Ass


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