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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Apr 6, 2020

Wendy Gilhula is an educator, writer, and author of the Pika Bunny book series. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Tennessee, Wendy has created an innovative learning series that teaches understanding and kindness. Pika Bunny and the Thunderstorm (2017), Pika Bunny Has a Big Question (2018), and Pika Bunny Says EEP! (2019), feature life lessons children often face in a complicated world and presents tools to help them navigate such complexities with bravery, understanding, and kindness. Ms. Gilhula’s books are a yearly feature at the New York City Book Expo America and Book Con. Ms. Gilhula has devoted her career, spanning over twenty years, to helping children. A former dance teacher, she has specialized in supporting creative expression. As a math tutor, Ms. Gilhula has a unique ability to relate to children in a way that promotes excellence. Her books have been recommended by therapists, counselors, activists, and teachers alike.


In this episode, Jana and Wendy discuss:


  • Wendy’s own story of hope and the unassuming question from a student that reawakened her dream of writing. 


  • How Wendy giving herself permission to be rejected opened the door to sharing her stories that have impacted so many.
  • The importance of opening up conversations about feelings for a generation of kids who often don’t have the tools to communicate feelings.
  • How kindness isn’t just for kids, and what transformative powers kindness could have on the world.


Key Takeaways:

  • If you're on the right path doors are going to open and magic is going to happen!
  • The impact sharing your gifts may set off ripples that reach farther than you know.
  • Being mindful of our emotions and boundaries and knowing how to communicate them is powerful.  
  • Kindness is relevant, especially in these times we live in. 


"I just want to help one, one child, one child who may be super anxious about a thunderstorm. Maybe not make the anxiety 100% go away. But what if it helps 50% of the way? If it just helps one child, either forget some hardships that they're going through and just enjoy the book or just help with the thunderstorm, that is worth everything, worth all the hard work." —  Wendy Gihula


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