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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Dec 30, 2019

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Sidra Jafri. Sidra speaks about her story of hope.

They discuss:

  • The story of hope is every person whether it’s a goal or someone who is genuinely looking to live a life of true passion.

  • Sidra speaks of her childhood and the struggle of being a female in her culture.

  • Sidra speaks of suicide and depression. She speaks about her experience with it.

  • ABC- access body consciousness. Anybody can access the conscious of their memory's past, present and future.

  • Bad times don’t last forever, they will fade away.

  • “There are steps to ABC.” Identify what it is, accept what is bothering you, release your bad energy.

  • You have to identify the issue within and frustration you are feeling.

  • You have to accept what is bothering you and be able to be ready to release the bad energy.

  • You have to release the bad energy, whether that’s speaking it out loud or taking some you time.

  • Acknowledging things that are bothering you can help you be able to overcome them.

  • Everyone has a conscious but using that as an imaginary tool can help you come up with ways to overcome hardships.

  • Using living tools such as divination can help you understand your conscious and what’s going on in your life.

  • Sidra speaks of her book called “The Awakening.”

  • There are nine principles to “awakening.” They are a guideline to help you achieve your awakening.

  • Some of the nine principles are quality questions, awareness is key, and growth is inevitable.

  • The nine principles help you understand your energy centers.

  • You can reach Sidra at

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