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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Aug 28, 2021

In this episode of Oh My Heath ... There's HOPE! Jana talks with Gypsy Wonder.


Three years ago Gypsy was lost in darkness, with no hope in her eyes and no more dreams left in her heart. She felt hopeless as this darkness lurked in her mind, body, and soul. Then she got sober and everything that seemed impossible became possible. She is now living the life she has always wanted and has joy in her heart. It was not an easy road but it was worth it! I am she is dedicated to sharing her story with the world and letting everyone know two basic principles: 1. As long as you are breathing, things can get better 2. If you woke up today, God is not done with you! Gypsy has struggled with addiction, mental illness, eating disorders, type 1 diabetes, abusive relationships, self-hatred, and raising a son alone. Yet she is full of light and love and is excited to share her story with you!


“I don’t get overwhelmed I figure it out.”


Jana and Gypsy talk about:
1) Quitting drinking changed my life
2) Why do I have so much shame where did that come from
3) You too can do things on a global scale
4) Why did God choose me? Why did he choose you?
5) Your words are powerful especially when they are to yourself
6) God never gives up on you


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In this episode, Jana and Gypsy discuss how she quit drinking and changed her life. Why do we have so much shame and where does that come from? You were meant to do things on a GLOBAL SCALE! and God NEVER gives up on us.


Meet Gypsy Wonder
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