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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Oct 14, 2019

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Lunden Souza. Lunden Souza is a Fitness and Lifestyle Transformation Coach. She’s obsessed with traveling the world and helping her clients go from crazy busy to crazy happy!

They discuss:
• Doing more doesn’t give you more results, at least not the way you are hoping for.
• In order to up-level your life, you have to figure out what works for you.
• You must build your foundation based on what you want in life.
• “Get your mind right, get your body tight.”
• Stop looking for solutions from other people, find solutions within yourself.
• It doesn’t matter how much you do, it's about what you focus on the most that are worth it.
• Make boundaries on things you want to focus on and are good at, don’t apologize for saying no to things you don’t feel comfortable doing.
• You don’t have to overdo yourself to up-level your life.
• Learn to embrace your true self.
• Eating styles are unique to each person. Find what works best for you, keeps you full longer etc.
• Keep track of what kind of diet you are eating and what you like to eat.
• Have guidance and fun along the way of your healthy eating journey.
• Know and think about what you are eating.
• Take accountability for your own actions so that you can identify triggers that are negative roadblocks.
• Your mind, body, and love, can have effects and impacts in your life.
• Workouts can help you understand and clear your mind of roadblocks in your life.
• Our own perceptions are important for our lives and understanding our roadblocks that are holding us back.
• Sometimes getting out of our comfort zone can help us understand ourselves better.
• Clearing your mind can help you understand what you’re missing in your life.
• Check-in with yourself regularly to up-level your life.
• You can find Lunden on her website,
• Lunden has a freebie guide on her website called, nine secrets to your best body year-round.
• Lunden does a yearly retreat, Warrior Women Retreat. Women get to unpack their baggage together. It’s a fun event to learn yourself and remember you are not alone.