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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Aug 27, 2020

Are sex and relationship better when pregnant? In this week's episode of Oh My Health… There’s HOPE! Jana talks with Nicole Buratti, sex and relationship coach, about loving your body and owning your sexuality!

Key Topics:

Sex changes when you’re pregnant.

Women who want to have a better connection with their own skin

Dancing is a good start

Supporting our children in the sexuality they choose

“It was hard finding balance in my life, my body, and my mind”

In this episode Jana and Nicole talk about:

Changing the mindset that is dominating your life
Finding balance in our body, life, and mind
Not blaming our hormones, instead of changing our lifestyle
Being fluid with our bodies


This 20-minute episode about:

Finding your feminine side of the brain
Eating healthy and dancing to connect with your skin!
10 Benefits of having an orgasm
Increasing your libido


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