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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Sep 30, 2019

In this episode, host Jana Short interviews Lisa Crofton. Lisa Crofton is a long time Intuitive Master Coach & Strategist specializing in Intuitive and Empathic Intelligence. After a life-changing illness forced her to reexamine the truths in her life, Lisa embraced her authentic intuitive nature and blossomed into the powerful coach and mentor she is today. Lisa works with organizations, individuals and groups guiding them to professional, personal and spiritual alignment. She is an expert on The Four Agreements, authored by Don Miguel Ruiz, both lecturing on the subject and coaching from its powerful foundation. Lisa is an avid writer having written professional greeting cards, a newspaper column, contributing author in the Amazon Best Seller 'Essential Healing for Spirit and Soul' and is currently working on her own book called 'Courage to Disappoint: The Art of Being YourSELF'.

They discuss:

-Your Intuitive Intelligence is an innate asset that is waiting to be nurtured.

-Developing your intuitive intelligence offers you an edge in business, life and relationships.

-Sometimes its a matter of self awareness or recognition that reveals how you are currently using this authentic mechanism.

-Intuitive intelligence leads you to authenticity, confidence and alignment.

-Your best life awaits at the end of your intuition.


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