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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Jul 20, 2020

In this episode host Jana Short speaks all about forgiveness. Jana is a mindset coach, NLP and RTT practitioner, best selling author and creaor of Best Holistic Life. Tune in to hear all about her insight to forgiveness and who it is really for.

What is your story of hope? …

Sometimes things happen in our lives that change our mindsets.

Who is forgiveness for?

Forgiveness is not always for the person you are giving it to.

"There's a lot going on in the world right now and forgiveness should be one of the first things that we've got in front of us."

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks a lot about forgiveness….

  • Jana shares her story about forgiveness and how it changed her mindset.
  • When should you give forgiveness?
  • Do you have to forget if you give forgiveness?

Tune into this 26-minute episode + I speak all about forgiveness + I share my personal journey with forgiveness and who it really is for.

Key Points:

  • Forgiveness isn't only for the person you are giving it to.
  • Learn about Jana Short's personal journey with forgiveness.
  • Life experiences can change your mindset.
  • Forgiveness is very important for your own healing.
  • Just because you give someone forgiveness doesn't mean you have to forget.
  • Forgiveness can be used to help better your life.
  • By giving forgiveness, you can let go of anger and resentment.
  • Just because you forgive someone doesn't mean that you accept what happened.
  • Forgiveness is for YOU.
  • You can recoup from things you have lost by giving forgiveness.
  • Forgiveness can be given to people who are no longer with us.
  • By giving forgiveness, you grow and move that block out of your way that is holding you back.
  • If you aren't forgiving someone, you are holding onto trauma.
  • You deserve a life without that anger and resentment!
  • You can find a book about forgiveness at