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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Jun 29, 2020


This week’s episode of Oh My Health There Is Hope hostess Jana Short talks to Kim LeGare Anderson, health coach and mom, about the dangers of certain foods and products that we use daily in our homes with our family. How to change our lifestyle towards a more conscious and healthy one?

Join us in this incredible episode to find out more!


Are we exposed to toxic chemicals?


“Yes, they’re in the products that we use in our house, living with our family. We have to be more aware of the products we use.”


In this episode, Jana and Kim talk about:

  • Detoxing life and home
  • Education as a key to change our mindset
  • Taking care of the products we use on our body and house
  • Building a healthy life based on a plant-based diet, workout, and knowledge


In this 20-minute inspiring episode about changing your health:

  • Organic supplements with science backing them up
  • Switch brands, read the labels.
  • Decrease the consumption of gluten and dairy
  • Exercise and stay happy!


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