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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

May 18, 2020

"I am a crystal junkie and I love them, but can I tell you I honestly have no education about crystals? I just feel them if that makes sense." 

What is your story of hope? ...

We are not what happens to us. 


When Susanne was pregnant with her first child, she found out at 22 weeks that her child would not live past a few days after birth. Feeling devastated, heartbroken, and lost, she went through a rollercoaster of news-finding out more about her baby, learning it is a girl, and so much more. 

Finding out about her baby having a chromosome defect had a huge impact on Susanne's journey, but her story of hope is just getting started. 

"I really believe that every soul has its own blueprint, so this was her soul's blueprint to just come to me for a short journey-so 22 weeks." 

Having a sense of confirmation, Susanne was able to see that her daughter's body was not meant for this earth. 


In this 33-minute episode, host Jana Short speaks with Susanne Braam on her story of hope, overcoming the loss of her first child, and how she works with crystals and intuitiveness. 

They talk about: 

  • Realizing she needs to make the event meaningful and how to heal from loss
  • Getting pregnant again eight months later and having that experience 
  • In-person dancing events
  • How becoming a single parent defined her
  • Starting a business

Through her journey, Susanne had a calling to start a business. 

  • Sacred Geometry symbols
  • Working with crystals
  • Intuitive guidance
  • Things to know about working with crystals

Learn more about Susanne: 

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International bestselling book: Trailblazers; 27 Female Leaders Share How They Use Their Gifts To Guide Others