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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

May 11, 2020

During this pandemic, there is a lot more stress, anxiety, and uncertainty so taking care of your mental health is important! In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Ronda Arndorfer, successful and dynamic business owner, coach, and mentor. She speaks all about mental health during these rough times and how to manage it. Tune in to learn about her upcoming FREE mental health conference!

What is your story of hope? …

During this pandemic anxiety is rising. There is stress and the uncertainty of what is going to be our life.

How do you manage your mental health?

Take a deep breath and know you are doing the best you can during these hard times.

We tend to want to have TOTAL control of every aspect of our lives.

But- sometimes unexpected things come up that we cannot control. It’s okay, stay positive and focus on the things you can control the outcome for.

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Ronda Arndorfer and they discuss….

• Ronda shares her story of hope with mental illness
• How this pandemic can affect your mental health
• Learn ways to manage your mental health
• Tips to keep you balanced and in a healthy mindset
• Ronda shares about her upcoming conference based on mental health that’s free!

Tune into this 30-minute episode + I speak with Ronda Arndorfer + she shares about mental health during these rough times and how her mental wellness conference can help you!

Key Points:

• During the pandemic it is easy to struggle with your mental health. Focus on the good and what you can control.
• During times like these, anxiety and stress tend to rise due to the uncertainty of what’s going on.
• You can focus on boosting your immune system and focusing on your brain health.
• You can create a diet that supports your individual mental performance.
• There will be a speaker at the mental health conference that will discuss how water can help optimize your mental performance.
• Your gut health is important for your sleep and keeping your brain optimal.
• There can be a lot of anxiety when we think about how the world is changing and evolving during these rough times.
• Sugars cause inflammation in your immune system.
• Diet, exercise, and movement are essential to keeping your gut healthy and for your mental health.
• Your gut is like a garden, the more you take care of it and nurture it, the more it will thrive.
• Pre and probiotics help keep your gut healthy.
• Do you drink enough water?
• Pre and probiotics have different strains that help different areas needed. You can find them listed on the bottles.
• Having a good quality probiotic is important.
• If sugar is the first ingredient of whatever you are eating, it will kill all probiotics that you’re putting into it.
• Take a deep breath and know that you are doing the best you can!
• Listen to positive things, summits etc. over and over. When we put good things into our mind, body and soul, our brain can’t help but go in that good direction.
• Your body can adapt to changes and thrive within 3 days!
• The key to weight loss is balance. Make sure you are balancing your natural diet and exercise.
• Join Ronda on her mental wellness conference May 14th to May 17th!

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