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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Apr 27, 2020

Renée Piane, The Love Designer an internationally known Relationship Reinvention expert, a master at connecting people and one of the top influencers and coaches in the love industry. She role model and mentor for high powered executives who are looking for their ultimate match or are going through transitions in their relationships.

A widely acclaimed inspirational speaker, TV celebrity, radio host and author of Love Mechanics and Get Real about LOVE ~ The Secrets to Opening your Heart & Finding, True Love. Renee has been on a mission teaching and speaking for over 28 years.


Aside from the great success of her career, living true to her own message also paid off in her personal life when she married the man of her dreams in 2004. She has been happily married for 14 years and after a life-threatening illness, she is on a quest to wake people up to balance life, love, family, and business. They live with their adorable dog Buddy in Marina Del Rey, California.


In this episode, Jana and Renee discuss:

  • Renee’s incredible story of victory over an extraordinary health issue and being her own bulldog-ish advocate.
  • The healing power of finding fun and choosing joy in the darkest of circumstances.
  • The challenges of finding and becoming positive role models for healthy relationships.
  • How your heritage of what love looks like may be holding you back from finding lasting love.



Key Takeaways:

  • You are your most important asset in taking charge of your own health, trust your instincts!
  • Amazing love exists! If you want real love, you have to get real about it and stop putting it off.
  • Examining your own beliefs about love can break down the walls and open you up to love.
  • When you're in a good loving, healthy relationship, you are healthier, you live longer, and life just is better.



"Everything is tied together; your health, your love, and your success... Everyone is in different phases of their life, and if you can investigate and be honest about where you are and what you're looking for now and your life, you can design anything that you want." —  Renee Piane


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