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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Mar 11, 2023

In this episode of Oh My Heath ... There's HOPE! Jana talks with Meg Burton Tudman.

Meg is a holistic coach for superwomen. She is on a mission to support women in honoring their highest selves through coaching, writing and speaking. Meg specializes in helping women align their minds, body, and soul so they can live a life they love.


“Holistic life coaching for superwomen to align your mind, body & soul, so you can live a life you love.”


This episode is about

The benefits of investing in inner growth and development. Meg Burton Tudman learned about the benefits of investing in internal growth and development when she was fired from a job she thought was her dream job. Meg realized that she didn't have to be defined by someone else's expectations and that she could be her authentic self. Meg also realized that she was struggling with severe depression and anxiety and that she needed to invest in a therapy program. Meg encourages all women not to give up hope and to see hardships as opportunities to transform. Meg works with women to address their mindset and energy so that they can show up as superwomen. Meg believes that we should all celebrate our growth and transformation.


Here's what I cover with Meg Burton Tudman in this episode:

  • How do we find our authentic selves, especially when we've been living for other people or to please them?
  • How can we show up as our best selves, even when life gets tough?
  • How can we create our own definition of success rather than living up to someone else's?


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