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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Mar 23, 2020

Are you stuck with Imposter Syndrome? …

A healthy business comes from a healthy body and mind.

Are you living your best holistic life?

Find your joy and what brings you confidence within your business

Do you have any self-doubt?

The good news is- you can increase your revenue by gaining confidence and reducing self-doubt

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Meredith Walsh and they discuss….

• Meredith shares her story of hope and how it led her to what she does today
• Gaining confidence and changing your mindset in your business helps you become more successful
• Learn what Imposter Syndrome is and how to grow when you are stuck in it

Tune into this 40-minute episode + I speak with Meredith Walsh + she shares ways to shift your confidence and prosperity to reach the next level of business

Key Points:

• There are a lot of people out there who don’t know the business side and don’t have the confidence to go out there.
• Understanding your struggles and growing from them lead you on your path of self-discovery.
• In order to be successful, you need to tap into your intuition and follow your own path.
• When you align your goals, things become easier and more opportunities arise.
• Mindset is one of the most important things in your business.
• You need to build confidence within yourself to get a strong positive mindset.
• Having support to uplift you can bring you out of your fear to grow.
• A mindset coach is an excellent listener and helps by understanding what is holding you back.
• When we have a negative mindset, we hold ourselves back from growing within our business and everyday lives.
• A mindset coach can help you keep accountability and help you keep a positive mindset when you step into fear.
• The latest statistic in USA Today is only 20% of businesses make it past their first year.
• One of your first steps in your business is to get clients and start making impacts on those clients you want to serve.
• With Imposter Syndrome, you are stuck within a spot in your business that brings self-doubt.
• Building your confidence within your business translates into abundance.
• You have to get out of the cycle of being “just good enough” and open yourself up to more possibilities in life.
• You need to understand your business and beliefs to have confidence in your business.
• Doing meditation, use essential oils and change your diet are just a few ways to help you get in a good mindset.
• Understanding your business process, how you want to showcase your business and how much you want to charge clients are key to success within your business.
• Always follow your intuition and listen to your heart space.
• Learn more about Meredith from our rapid-fire questions.
• The last piece of advice from Meredith is, there is a responsibility for being an influencer.
• You can find Meredith on her website at
• Meredith is offering her 11-step guide for Entrepreneurs to be able to increase their revenue without the stress, fear or self-doubt.