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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Nov 5, 2022

In this episode of Oh My Heath ... There's HOPE! Jana talks with Morgan Adams.


Morgan Adams is a holistic sleep coach for women who struggle with getting a good night's sleep consistently. Her goal is to help women feel better and live better, and the key to both begins with a good night's sleep.


Morgan is an accredited health coach with additional advanced certifications in sleep science. She’s a sought-after podcast guest and expert for websites like MindBodyGreen.


Morgan is also a former insomniac. She spent almost a decade using prescription sleeping pills despite knowing that her overall sleep quality suffered. Morgan now inspires and teaches other women how to confidently, calmly, and effectively get a good night's sleep without the use of sleep aids.


Morgan is also a two-time breast cancer survivor. She advocates for a lifestyle of disease prevention and integrating holistic strategies for cancer treatment. Morgan lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and dog, Ollie, a shaggy, 15-pound mess of love.


“Sleep is your superpower”


This 30-minute episode is on:
* Setbacks can set you up to find your purpose in life
* Learning to sleep the way YOU were meant to
* What are the basics to set up a good sleeping pattern and space
* Using alcohol and pharmaceuticals to sleep
* Two critical sleep phases are Deep Sleep and REM Sleep
* Sleeping tips to help you get a good night's sleep


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