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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Feb 20, 2020

There is hope in every diagnosis and in every diagnosis there is wellness. In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Casey Piatt and they discuss a rare genetic disorder and her life story she hopes will impact others.

What is your story of hope? …

It is American Heart Health Month.

Are you living your best holistic life?

Everyone has a story, it’s how you impact the world with yours that matters.

Did you know?

We can have silent things in our bodies that we aren’t aware of until something happens.

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Casey Piatt and they discuss ….

• Casey shares her story of hope
• Casey shares a genetic disorder called Long Qt Syndrome
• There are a lot of resources to help you learn and discover new things that may be going on in your body

Tune into this 20-minute episode + I speak with Casey Piatt + she shares her story of hope and how she wants to bring awareness to Long Qt Syndrome

Key Points:

• There are some rare genetic disorders that are not found until something happens in your life to show them.
• There are 2 types of Long Qt Syndrome. One is a genetic disorder and the other is acquired, like what you would get from taking medicines.
• Beta blockers are used to slow the heart rate down and helps avoid any negative episodes.
• Resources you can use to monitor Long Qt Syndrome is a cardiologist and the SADS website.
• A defibrillator helps jump start the heart back up and get it to a normal level.
• Wellness comes in EVERY diagnosis.
• With any diagnosis, there is always hope.
• You can find information on Long Qt Syndrome at
• You can find information on SADS Foundation at