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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Jan 22, 2022

In this episode of Oh My Heath ... There's HOPE! Jana talks with Susan Balogh.


Susan Balogh is a holistic healing and happiness coach, writer, and speaker who has a passion for helping others tap into their true power to achieve any state of mind that allows them to attain their goals and dreams. With a desire to heal herself and help others, she sought training for over 20 years in many healing modalities. Susan is from Western New York but travels the country in her custom RV to provide donation-based teaching. She is a certified happiness coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and Qi Gong instructor.


“I’m as happy as I let myself be.”


This 30-minute episode is on:
1) Being an empath or sensitive as a child
2) Teaching our children to honor their emotions
3) 100-day challenge
4) learning how to communicate
5) start practicing appreciation daily


This episode is about:
In this episode, Jana and Susan discuss being an empath or sensitive as a child. Teaching our children how to honor their emotions. What is the 100-day challenge? and learning how to communicate with ourselves.


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