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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Jan 30, 2020

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Rachel Feldman. Rachel has been in the wellness space for over 9 years. She took her wellness business from $13,000 a year to over 6 figures. Now a business coach with a passion for helping health and wellness coaches nail down their niche and build their health coaching businesses with her 4 step strategic system.

They discuss:
- Rachel shares her story of hope and how she became who she is today.
- Everything you eat, your physical activity and your everyday lifestyle contribute to your health.
- When the body breaks down, the rebuilding process is not easy.
- Every life coach has a different signature system and different process due to their life journey being unique.
- There has to be an intuitive dance when it comes to FIXING your health and the same applies to creating a business.
- It’s important to have a funnel for your business.
- The key to building your list is to know how your potential client is processing information and also different formats.
- There is no magic bullet when it comes to your health or building a biz.
- Connecting with your potential clients is important when building your list for your business.
- List building can be a video series, a checklist, a PDF, a workshop, a webinar, a blog post and more!
- Marketing is important within your business.
- Having a conversation or sharing your everyday life is a way to connect with clients.
- You can turn your pain into you product and change lives.
- Nailing down who your key audience is will help you be successful in your business.
- Branding is when you are sharing your journey, about yourself and marketing your business.
- Having a process and staying consistent with it will help you with your list building.
- The autoimmune dance will teach you about your darkest demons and give light to a situation that most would think it awful.
- You have the power when you have a toolkit - for your health, your wealth, building a biz and this is called empowerment.
- Empowerment does not mean it is an easy road. Empowerment means you have the choice to walk the road less traveled and be free.
- You can find Rachel on her website at
- Rachel is giving away a few freebies at