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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Jan 27, 2020

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks about your mindset and how it is a POWERFUL tool. Jana has recently become a RTT practitioner and working towards becoming a RTT Therapist.

She discusses:
- Your mindset is such a powerful tool.
- We carry so many mind blocks that so many influences have put onto us, especially young children.
- Jana speaks about her own personal mind blocks that she carried and still carries from childhood.
- You have to find what is causing your mind block, whether that’s love, success, etc.
- When you leave this world, you leave memories, feelings and emotions behind.
- It’s very powerful for yourself to make memories and happiness.
- You can find many resources and help through Facebook for your journey in life that you are on.
- Your health should always come first.
- Your mind is set to keep you alive, even during sickness and trial within your life.
- It’s not just about selling products, it’s about making real connections, giving real hope and working personally with clients.
- Being proud of things you have done and are doing will help you avoid mind blocks.
- Sharing your expertise and story in a positive way can help avoid mind blocks.
- We have a ripple effect on everything we do.
- When you are an influencer, no matter your number of followers, you have a huge impact and responsibility.
- There is always hope no matter what the situation.
- Having hope can help you avoid mind blocks.
- There are always clients there.
- The moment we can remove our mind blocks and be more positive is the moment we will get more clients and make a bigger impact.
- We are always looking for people with powerful stories to share, just reach out to us!