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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Aug 26, 2021

In this episode of Oh My Heath ... There's HOPE! Jana talks with Toye Penny.


Toye is a Holistic Well-Being Strategist who specializes in helping Celebrity & High Performing CEO Moms put their oxygen mask on first so they can save everyone around them.


After losing her mother to Lupus as a child, not having her father present, being sexually abused, becoming a teen mom at the age of 16, and being involved in a tumultuous relationship with an older man, Toye Penny found herself at 23 years old in the right place at the right time when she became the CEO of a luxury day spa. Toye was financially flexible and created a great lifestyle for herself and her daughter; but she was also stressed, had unresolved childhood trauma, carried the mental load, and felt guilty about how she showed up for her family. While her career facade said "I've got it all together", her personal life, relationships, and some health areas were falling apart. Now as a wife, mom, and CEO at Toye created The Love You More Method, an 8-step holistic well-being program, and has privately guided many other high-performing moms through her method. In her innovative book, Love “Them”, Love You More, Toye reveals actionable strategies on how these high profile women can apply The Love You More Method℠ and ultimately model well-being for generations to come.


In addition to creating a method exclusively for high performers, Toye has been featured on Ninja Foodi, WFAA Channel 8, CEO Mom Magazine and Glamour Magazine to name a few. Toye is the only Holistic Well-Being Strategist that serves as an exclusive CEO Mom Interventionist and uses The Love You More Method as a way to support them through a complete transformation.


“Your life is not your own, you are living for other people."


Jana and Toye talk about:
1) 17-Year-old motherhood and creating your first team
2) Becoming a CEO of a luxury day spa at 23
3) Everything may look perfect on the outside but is falling apart on the inside
4) Learning to juggle your life and career and not sacrifice what’s important
5) Teaching tips on the Love you more method


This 30-minute episode is on:
Jana and Toye discuss being a 17-year-old mother and evolving into an owner and CEO of a luxury spa at the age of 23. Just because seems to look perfect or together on the outside they could be falling apart on the inside. Creating a generational change that will live on long after you are gone.


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