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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Feb 20, 2021

In this episode of Oh My Heath ... There's HOPE! Jana talks with LaMont Shedrick, a Motivational Speaker/Mentor/Mindset Coach and adamant about helping others live to their fullest potential. They utilize their platform to partner with corporations, business owners, and professional leaders in discovering What's Next and teach them how to be intentional in their mission and the Owner of LSG Leadership Coaching Group. Stay tuned for this amazing story of hope!

“Why are we so drawn to what’s outside of us? Why not be drawn to what’s inside of us.” 


Jana and LaMont talk about:


  • You need to accept yourself in order to help others. You’re already significant. 
  • You have a unique way of doing everything.
  • You don’t need to duplicate your hero. Be your own hero.
  • COVID is what you wanted to be: it can be an opportunity of change and acceptance.


This 30-minute episode is on:


  • Move into the future with joy!
  • Look at yourself in the mirror. Pictures are not the same thing.
  • When you’re not present, not yourself, the world notices it.
  • Identify that other person that can possibly help you, like a coach.
  • Less is more.


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