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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Oct 21, 2019

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Scott Gates. Scott is an Essential Oil expert, educator, and speaker. He is also a Certified NLP Practitioner and soon to be a certified NLP Coach.

We discuss:
- Scott’s journey through his life and what lead him to be who he is today.
- What natural things helped him in his life with allergies, acid reflex and more!
- The greatest doctors you are ever going to have in your life is yourself, so you have to find what’s best for your health.
- You cannot base everything you believe in on what you see.
- Finding your health and wellness is a process, you must build it and grow from it.
- It takes drive and commitment with “tools” to help you find what works best for your health.
- You don’t “get healthy”, you just find ways to maintain your health and live your life to your best ability.
- Our paths and life challenges change throughout our lifetime.
- Nature always wins so roll with it and go natural.
- When we try to control ourselves and health in an unnatural way, we throw ourselves out of a healthy balance.
- Pay attention to the chemicals that you are putting into your body.
- You must discover your own truth and that falls back to what you believe works.
- Natural ways to improve and maintain your health deserve more credit.
- Share your experiences and knowledge with people and let them choose how to use it or share it.
- You have to find what works for you best in your life, relationships and health-wise.
- The quality of life between the beginning and end is the most important.
- You must make your own life and be proud of it.
- Finding health and ways to improve yourself can help you live a better life without thinking of the bad.

You can reach Scott at