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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Nov 16, 2020


In this episode of Oh My Heath ... There's HOPE! Jana talks with Annette Anderson, a powerful woman full of experiences who arose after a difficult experience with her son.

Now Anette works with women in developing financial strategies and helping and counseling others in creating a life of significance.


“There were times where I thought: this is too much, but I knew I couldn’t give up.”


Jana and Annette talk about:

  • Telling your story can help 1 person that really needs it.
  • Rise with the load, with the pain.
  • Always be open to learning. Even if it comes from a bad experience.
  • Finding balance in our life.



This 30-minute episode is on:

  • Reinventing yourself. Become your best friend.
  • Not judging others.
  • Connecting in the way that you want to connect.


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About Annette: 

Annette's path has been filled with various adventures and experiences. Many have been adventures of happiness, while others have been adventures of difficult loss and heartache. Annette has been married for 36 years. She and Mark count each other as best friends. Annette has been a successful entrepreneur and inventor. She is a survivor! She has spent most of her adult life working with other women in developing financial strategies and helping and counseling others in creating a life of significance. Annette claims no special understanding or wisdom. Her experience comes from life's lessons. She believes that experience is life's greatest teacher. Life's experience has refined her and allowed her to become who she is today. If she can help one person along their trail of life, all the pain, shame & suffering will have been worth it.


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Show Music ‘Hold On’ by Amy Gerhartz
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