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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Jan 13, 2020

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Molly Ann Luna. Molly Ann is a U.S. Army Veteran and former Certified Financial Advisor, who got her start in the entrepreneurial world in 2011 when she decided to kick corporate life to the curb in order to pursue her passion of helping others live healthier lives.

They discuss:

  • Molly shares her life journey and her experiences that shaped her into who she is.

  • You need to have a positive mental attitude and a healthy physical physique to be wealthy.

  • Marketing Funnels teaches potential customers about your products and services, then they ultimately buy from you.

  • Marketing Funnels should not stop when clients buy from you, there’s a sequence of experiences you want them to have after they become paid buyers.

  • Marketing Funnels are three phases. The discovery phase, nurture phase, and sales.

  • When making a Funnel you need to start by bringing as many people you can into your business, fresh eyeballs into your website. This is the discovery phase.

  • You can use things like Facebook Ads etc. to spread the word and get people into your funnel.

  • Once you get through the discovery phase you want to nurture your clients, let them know how this will benefit them etc.

  • Staying consistent and posting on social media or other platforms is a part of the nurture phase of Marketing Funnels.

  • You have to invest in your ads in order to get clients involved and to your Marketing Funnels.

  • Once clients look into your business and you nurture them, they will be ready to purchase what you have to offer.

  • A conversion is getting someone to say yes and invest in your business.

  • Instead of trying to convert clients quickly, take time to get small yeses. Nurture a few yeses in order to ultimately get the big one.

  • You can take Molly’s Funnel quiz on her website at It’s a multiple-choice quiz that will tell you which phase of your funnel that you need to focus on first.

  • Molly Ann Luna has a podcast she does weekly called Online Business Clinic. It is a great resource with tons of weekly tips.