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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Jun 24, 2023

Hannah Went took a traditional biology degree, then a position at an innovative compounding pharmacy, and discovered the power of epigenetics to control her health, inspiring her to challenge the traditional sick care model and empower others to take control of their healthspan.


"Your DNA is not your destiny - you are in control of your health and your genes, and with lifestyle factors, supplements, medications, and procedural-based things, you can switch on and off those genes and be in control of your own health."


Hannah Went is a visionary entrepreneur and cell biology and signaling expert, passionate about cutting-edge technologies that transform the human condition. She established True Diagnostics in 2020, a company committed to researching methylation-based age diagnostics for life extension and preventative health care.

Hannah Went was always interested in science and took a traditional biology degree at the University of Kentucky to learn more about genetics. Through her position at a compounding pharmacy, she discovered epigenetic methylation testing and saw the potential to shift the sick care model to one of preventative medicine. Hannah noticed a glow in her friend after she made lifestyle changes and realized that knowledge is power when it comes to understanding how your body works. By testing methylation markers, she could help people optimize how they were aging and prevent diseases from occurring. Through her company True Diagnostic, Hannah has tested over 20,000 people and hopes to continue to help people live healthier and longer.


This 30-minute episode is on:

  1. How to use epigenetic methylation testing to assess individual risk of disease and aging.

  2. How lifestyle factors like sleep, stress, exercise, diet, and supplements can modify gene expression.

  3. The importance of early testing to identify and mitigate health risks.


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