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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Jun 3, 2023

After suffering a series of traumatic losses, Seth Elliot Santoro embarks on an inspiring journey to empower others to smile from the inside and overcome grief with his creative and innovative methods.


"My goal, my vision, is to inspire 1 billion people to heal and smile from the inside."


Seth Elliot Santoro is a renowned Smyologist, spiritual consultant, reframer, intuitive, business coach, psychic medium, animal communicator, HR advisor, speaker, bereavement facilitator, and death expert. He is a three-time international bestselling author whose books have touched the lives of readers around the globe. His vision is to bring healing and joy to 1 billion people.


Seth Elliot Santoro faced unimaginable grief, trauma, and loss in the span of a year, starting with the passing of a dear friend and ending with the terrifying experience of being held at gunpoint by the cartels in Mexico. He took notes of his process and created a book, 'A Smile from the Inside,' to help others heal. He realized there were five steps to healing grief: shock, mock acceptance, being overwhelmed, learning, and embracing. He also discovered his gifts of mediumship, psychic readings, and energy healing. Through his books, courses, and programs, Seth Elliot Santoro invites people to open up and be honest, helping them find joy and spread it to the world.


This 30-minute episode is on:

  1. How did Seth Elliot Santoro turn his traumatic experience into a creative journey of healing?

  2. What are the five steps of dealing with grief, and how can we use them to help others?

  3. How can we use our gifts and experiences to create sacred spaces for others to open up and be vulnerable?


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