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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Aug 20, 2020

Anxiety can manage your life. Don’t worry, in this week's episode of Oh My Health… There’s HOPE! host Jana Short talks with Nora Wendel, an NLP practitioner who will offer you alternatives to live a healthy life without anxiety.



“Everything in life comes to us to make us realize how we actually want to feel”


In this episode Jana and Nora talk about:

  • Understanding what makes you feel safe and what doesn’t
  • Changing your mindset
  • Stop unhealthy way of thinking, so you can live at your best potential
  • Asking for help is also a symbol of strength
  • Feel great about yourself


This 20-minute episode is about:

  • Overcoming anxiety and fear
  • Mapping your thoughts
  • Feeling confident, loving yourself
  • Letting yourself freely live



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