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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Jun 25, 2020

In this episode of "Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!" host Jana Short speaks with Terilee Harrison a Virtual Networking Expert and Trainer. She resides in Singapore where she connects business owners, coaches, and consultants through an online global referral community.

After being told "you're going to die soon" she consulted with different doctors until they gave her the correct diagnosis. Today, 2 years later, she helps people online around the world. Jana speaks with Terilee tells us her life story and journey.

Can life change radically?

“Good things can come from bad news”

In this episode Jana talks with Terilee about:
● How life can change from one moment to another
● Pausing life and finding joy.
● Being positive
● Networking for business

This 20-minute episode of pure inspiration includes:

- Get familiar with meeting people online for your business
- Explore and team up
- Think and see life from another perspective

Contact Terilee: