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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Jun 18, 2020

In this episode host Jana Short speaks all about life purpose and your life journey. Sometimes we struggle and go through things that give us pain, but things are exactly how they are supposed to be. Tune in to learn how to find your life purpose and life your journey to the fullest!

What is your story of hope? …

Sometimes our journeys are the journeys of those around us that affect us.

Do you know your purpose in life?

We all have a purpose here on earth, every single one of us.

Sometimes things aren’t what we think they are. They might look one way and make us feel another….

But the good news is, they’re exactly how they’re supposed to be no matter how much they may cause you pain or what you may go through.

In this episode, host Jana Short discusses….

• Jana shares her personal journey with us!
• She shares how to see that your journey is meant to be.
• We all have our purpose here on earth!

Tune into this 30-minute episode + I speak about life purpose and our journey’s + I share some about my own personal journey and how to find your life purpose!

Key Points:

• Listen to Jana share her inspiring journey and her personal experience with life purpose!
• All of us have a purpose here on earth.
• We all must walk through our own journeys in life to find our purpose.
• Things that happen in our life can shape us into who we are meant to be.
• Sometimes people do not understand their life purpose until it is too late.
• If you have people that you love, that are causing you to carry around pain, hurt and anger, just know it’s not their purpose.
• Your life journey can become more powerful when you sometimes stumble.
• Sometimes your journey will seem uncomfortable or not right for others but keep pushing forward and reach out to help more people.
• Without our struggles and hardships, we wouldn’t fulfill our purpose in life.
• Even if someone you know or a loved one is going through addiction, alcoholism, or depression, just remember it’s a part of their journey.
• You must learn to set boundaries with your loved ones struggling on their journey.
• Just take a deep breath and remember things are exactly how they should be!