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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

May 28, 2020

Sometimes we all feel stressed and overwhelmed in our business, but did you know you don’t have to with a little bit of help from automation? In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Arna Van Goch, a business automations coach. Besides working online, Arna has an avid passion for travel, energy work and awesome Netflix series like Next in Fashion!

What is your story of hope? …

Starting an online business is your path to living the life you want on your terms.

How can automation help you with your business?

Sometimes we are all running around doing unnecessary things in our business without realizing there is a way to automate that process.

We can feel overwhelmed and stressed with our business….

But the good news is- with automation you can free up some of your time, reduce stress and still connect with your clients!

In this episode, host Jana Short speaks with Arna Van Goch and they discuss….
• Arna shares her inspiring journey with us!
• What is automation?
• What does automation mean for your business?
• Tips on when and how to use automation to keep your business thriving!
• Arna shares how she uses automation in her business and how these things can help you!

Tune into this 39-minute episode + I speak with Arna Van Goch + she shares her story of hope and tips on how to use automation in your business to make your life easier!

Key Points:

• Starting an online business is your way of controlling the direction you want your life to go.
• Use this pandemic time to re discover and develop new things for your business.
• Sometimes we are the CEO of our company and take on a lot of responsibility without realizing we can use automation in our business.
• We tend to feel overwhelmed with the administration side of our business. This includes follow up emails, reminders etc.
• By using automation, you can cut down on your steps to reach your goals in your business.
• We need to be super centered in ourselves connect with who we are and our purpose during these hard times. That makes the world a much better place.
• If someone signs up for something, they automatically need a thank you letter right? That’s where automation comes in!
• When you use automation, every time someone reaches out to you then you will automatically have a response to reach back to them. This will help you connect with your clients!
• Automation can free up a lot of your time to focus on other aspects of your business or personal life.
• Arna shares about her membership that she created to allow you to step into your SEO role.
• “In your business all roads lead back to you.”
• It’s important to know the path you want your clients to go on to have a successful automation.
• By using automation in your business, you will be able to take the time to personally connect with your clients and have one on one time with them due to your freed-up time.
• You need to be real, authentic, and personally connect with your clients in your business.
• You need to have your email list to connect with clients. What would happen if Facebook or Instagram closed tomorrow? Would you have that list of clients to still be able to connect with them?
• If you have an email list, you are sharing your content directly to your clients and target market.
• Learn what automations Arna uses and tips to how you can use automations in your business!
• Automation can help you organize and prioritize things you need to do in your business.
• An example of a good automation tool is scheduling your posts on Facebook or other social media platforms.
• When you use automation, you are still able to be yourself and connect with your clients.
• Chat bots are another perfect example of automation and how it can help you in your business.
• Chat bots are a way to survey your clients to know what they like and don’t like.
• Arna shares a special deal for her membership program!
• Last little word of advice; YOU are amazing in your own way. Be your true authentic self and you will shine in your business; you don’t need to duplicate others! Think about how you want to reach others and what you want to bring to the world!
• Everyone has a story of hope! What’s yours?

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