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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

May 14, 2020

PTSD can affect anyone at any age. In this episode, host Jana Short speaks all about PTSD. She shares her own personal journey with PTSD and ways to help manage it, especially in these rough times with the COVID pandemic.

What is PTSD? …

You have the power in your own mind to do anything, create anything or to be anything.

Who does PTSD affect?

“Diamonds come from pressure. There is beauty within everything.”

Everything in the world is changing due to this pandemic going on.

We can’t help but wonder how will this affect the next generations? Will we ever be able to greet each other with a hug again or a handshake? How do we help the younger generation know what’s going on in the world?

In this episode, I speak all about PTSD and how our changing world can affect anyone….

• What is PTSD?
• Will this pandemic affect our next generation?
• I share my personal journey with PTSD.
• There is beauty in everything! We must find the good in this tough pandemic.
• Learn tips to have a positive path from these traumatic events!

Tune into this 25-minute episode + I speak all about PTSD + I share about my own journey with PTSD and how you can use your journey to make a positive change in the world!

Key Points:

• You have the power to do anything, create anything, and be anything you want to be.
• Are we teaching our younger generation to be stand offish?
• PTSD is a trigger reaction in our minds that when somethings horrifying to us or it’s taken us outside our comfort levels, we tend to be afraid.
• With PTSD when we are excited for something as the days get closer, we become more anxious, more scared and start to build bad scenarios in our heads.
• PTSD affects many first responders and military but can affect anyone at any age.
• I share a personal family experience with PTSD and how it led me to researching it.
• With PTSD, even if you get over the traumatic situation you experience you look at things differently and it puts you on a different path.
• Situations that cause PTSD are usually situations we cannot control.
• It’s important to take time with our younger generation right now during this pandemic to show them it’s okay that the world is changing so much. We need to show them that change is okay.
• The good things in your life can help balance the horrible things.
• These tragic times that we experience can lead us to great things!
• There are positive things coming out of this pandemic! We are learning incredible ways to connect with each other and spending that extra quality time together.
• “Diamonds come from pressure.”
• There’s beauty within everything and every situation.
• You only have control over you and how you handle stressful situations.
• When someone tells you to get over it, you tell them to back off and take the time you need.
• You should pivot into this COVID situation, lean into it, and find out how you can grow from it.
• Sometimes our normal routines need to be shook up so we can learn to see life in a different way.
• Every one of you listening is incredible! You have the capability of creating the most ripple effect in the world right now!
• You can change your traumatic situation and frame it different than what it is!
• Everyone has a story of hope! What’s yours?