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Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

Apr 26, 2021

In this episode of Oh My Heath ... There's HOPE! Jana talks with Rhonda Salvestrini. Rhonda believes the best writing happens when you have nothing to lose – when you’re in the zone and writing bravely and fearlessly. Rhonda is on a mission to help you feel energized and excited about the writing process; to find confidence in your voice as an authority in your industry, be inspired to write bravely and fearlessly, and connect with your audience through authenticity. As a professional writer for more than 25 years, Rhonda has helped entrepreneurs transform their messy and awkward content into beautifully written narratives that inspire audiences and motivate them to take action. Her work has helped aspiring authors bring their stories to life, long-time authors find their voice, entrepreneurs reach new clients, and TEDx speakers bring the audience to its feet. Rhonda shares how you can turn your story and message into your biggest sales tool. Stay tuned!!!


"When you transform your story into the content, into your blog post, into your social posts and your book, that superpower is working for you 24/7."


Jana and Rhonda Talk about:

1) Content is so powerful and impactful, and when you share it, you are creating an evergreen product that creates change in your world.

2) Creating content creates a command effect that builds a powerful foundation for you.

3) Your words matter, and being intentional with the way you share them through your writing is impactful.

4) Your words can make you uber-famous if you are creating and inspiring through those written words.

5) Getting your story and your words out in a very authentic way is key to building that brand trust and recognition.


This 30-minute episode is on:
Transferring your words into your business, and creating authentic content with real intention, is your secret superpower. Writing intentionally and impacting your community with education and content.


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